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Going Sans Paquet (Without Package!)

Updated: Jun 16, 2023

Everyone has seen the videos of the amazing people who can fit 1 years worth of their trash into a mason jar & still have room for a couple dill pickles and thought “Oh wow! HOW do you even do that?”

Perhaps you have seen the words SUSTAINABILITY or ECO-FRIENDLY and thought “Ok but what does it all mean?“ Or, you have heard of No Waste Lifestyles, but worried your not quite the right person because you can’t live that Mason-Jar-Trash-Can life.

Decreasing your impact on the waste stream doesn’t need to be complicated or intimidating. Sometimes it’s as simple as a reusable straw. Maybe laundry detergent that you buy in bulk by bringing your own container is where your #nowaste nerd flag flies high. Packing your own lunch without disposables saves you money & reduces your impact on the local landfill. However you are called to reduce the single-use disposables in your life, we are here for you!!

Sans Paquet is the dream of two cool gals on the hunt for local alternatives to the overwhelming amounts of plastic-packaged daily use items. Between the daily kid’s lunches, bamboo toothbrushes, and plastic bottle free shampoos, we realized we weren’t the only ones struggling to find the products we needed without heading to the world of online shopping, cardboard boxes & bubble wrap.

Often when we DID find a local store who carried an item we were on the hunt for, it would come wrapped in plastic.

Our dream is to make shopping for package free goods simple and accessible to Acadiana.

Starting in Spring 2020, inside the new Sugarwolf Outdoor Exchange at 501 Rue Jefferson, we’ll be bringing shopping alternatives Sans Paquet.

We’d love to hear from you about the locally sourced and waste reducing products you’ve been searching for. Shoot us an email, drop a comment, find us on social media & let’s talk!

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1 Comment

I would love refillable laundry detergent!

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